The Concept of
Greener Wealth

The Concept of Greener Wealth

TREES has established operations in the Philippines to undertake EE and RE projects which increase the profitability of our clients. These projects generate energy savings (which reduce costs and increase profits), by replacing existing equipment across multiple technologies such as Lighting, BMS and HVAC Systems with new, more energy efficient plant. When TREES projects include Renewable Energy components like Solar Photovoltaic Systems, where the client is receiving electricity generated from sunlight, our clients save more money, because they are not buying electricity from the traditional electricity grid, where the cost of electricity is higher.
These energy savings and cheaper electricity deliver increased profit (Greener Wealth) to our clients, from sustainable activities like energy efficiency and renewable energy, hence our clients increase their “Green” credentials – they become “Greener”. EE + RE = Greatest Savings = Greener Wealth.