TREES is an independent ESCO. TREES is not a manufacturer of a product, and so has no conflict of interest or bias in specifying a particular product or software platform as part of an Energy Efficiency (EE) or Renewable Energy (RE) solution.

TREES takes a holistic view when assessing facilities, to design and construct the best possible solution for each client. Our objective is to offer our clients a project which saves the most energy (and money) possible, integrating multiple technologies, so that our clients receive the most significant asset upgrade of their facility, which is in line with their investment requirements.

How We Work

We at TREES are committed to promoting energy efficiency in the Philippines by providing businesses with effective solutions to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and energy costs.

Energy Audits

Conducting Energy Audits is the first step to arriving at the right solutions for your business. Our team has the expertise and experience to undertake Energy Audits at various levels of engineering accuracy, according to international energy audit standards.

Energy Management Consulting

TREES’ Energy Management Consulting services include the creation of a detailed specification for your business’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy project, based on the findings from our audits and your energy-reduction goals.

Energy Savings Measurement

Our work for your company does not end with the completion of a project. We also provide monitoring and long-term management services to ensure three things’

Specialized Services

Energy Performance Contracting

Assistance in Project Financing