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TREES provides the following Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy (RE) services to clients in the Philippines:


TREES has its own team of professionals working on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy projects in the Philippines.

In addition TREES is able to leverage the interaction between TREES & TES which includes the sharing of engineering resources, the training and development of new employees, and the referencing of successful case studies in various market segments, such as health, education and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

TREES is also committed to developing the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy industry in the Philippines and contributing its expertise to assist with government Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy policies and programs. The TREES Management pioneered the establishment of the energy efficiency industry in Australia over 20 years ago.

As a result, TREES has a long term goal and the relevant first-hand experience, to play a role in the development of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy industry in the Philippines. TREES understands the limitations on the Philippines economy caused by the high cost of energy and the restrictions facing generation capacity.

By contributing to build a robust Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy industry in the Philippines, TREES activities can help increase the energy savings of the nation, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and achieve greenhouse gas reduction at the business end user level.

Key Areas of Difference

TREES is an independent ESCO. TREES is not a manufacturer of a product, and so has no conflict of interest or bias in recommending a particular product or software platform as a part of an Energy Efficiency or Renewable Energy solution.

TREES takes a holistic, complete facility approach when assessing energy and water savings initiatives for clients. There is no single, simple technical answer. Our goal is to design and construct the best possible solution for each client, via a tailored engineering assessment of their specific facilties. Our objective is to offer our clients a project which saves the most energy (and money) possible, integrating multiple technologies, so that our clients receive the most significant asset upgrade of their facility, which is in line with their investment guidelines.

Our projects must make sense to our clients for both finacial and environmental reasons. Where Energy Star or Green Building ratings apply, TREES is able to achieve the highest level of Green Building assessment for its clients by designing and constructing a TREES Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy upgrade project. TREES also has access to project finance arrangements, where the project cost can be re-paid by the energy savings achieved by the project over time. These savings could be guaranteed by TREES, under certain conditions.