Energy Performance Contracting

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is a specialized service offered by TREES to owners of both commercial and industrial facilities. It is based on TREES Engineers designing and implementing an Energy & Water upgrade of an existing facility and then guaranteeing that the energy savings achieved from this project will be achieved, year on year, for periods up to 10 years. Effectively, the energy savings re-pay the total cost of the project, and then continue to provide a savings stream to the client for another 5-10 years.

As a result, TREES clients are able to proceed to project construction with TREES, via self-funding or obtaining third party finance, on the basis that TREES takes the responsibility for the technical performance of the project.

Guide to Energy Performance Contracting with ESCOs

Energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) projects are becoming more and more popular around the world. With the growing concern about climate change, communities are looking to the business sector to provide solutions, given that businesses are among the biggest consumers of energy and natural resources.


Working with an ESCO

TREES is an ESCO that identifies and provides EE and RE solutions based on thorough energy audits of your facilities and operations. The turnkey solutions we offer range from projects involving just one or more equipment or process, to comprehensive programs that encompass your entire energy and water systems.


TREES Energy Performance Contracting Service

Energy efficiency projects typically require large capital investments with a long payback period. This has stopped many companies from undertaking such projects, or to adopt least-cost options with minimal results.


We will leverage our guaranteed energy savings to finance the project, through one of two ways:


What Our EE and RE Projects Involve

Under our EPC service, we will provide the following:

Energy audits

Detailed specification of the project


Design and engineering of the project and its specific components

Procurement of equipment, power, utilities, and others

Construction and general contracting services



Documentation of the project

Installing and implementing monitoring tools and activities

Management of the project’s operation and equipment maintenance

Energy management services


With more than 100 years of combined expertise, we at TREES are confident in delivering our targeted energy and cost savings.