Procurement and
Supplier Management

One of the services we offer at TREES is Energy Procurement and Supplier Management. We make sure that our clients work only with energy suppliers who can provide a steady and reliable supply of fuel and energy, offer competitive prices, and will be responsive to our client’s particular needs.

As a leading ESCO in the Philippines, TREES provides power procurement services in line with the use of energy generation technologies, such as heat and steam generation.


Measuring Energy Supply Efficiency

The services of traditional energy procurement companies are often limited to finding the most cost-efficient suppliers and ensuring a steady supply. As an ESCO, TREES offers more value-added services.

We can measure the efficiency of energy use in particular applications (such as in boiler rooms or in cooling a facility), and analyze this against target savings. We can also tap into renewable energy sources and integrate these with EE technologies to achieve optimum energy and cost savings.

Through comprehensive programs, we measure the savings generated by both the supply side and the demand side. We integrate EE and RE technologies on both power supply and demand applications to generate the best possible outcomes.


Supplier Evaluation

We evaluate potential suppliers according to the following criteria:

Supplier’s ability to provide the required load

Price and cost-effectiveness

Supplier’s reliability, track record, and operational soundness

Credit worthiness

Credit schemes

Customer service and responsiveness

Confidentiality measures and agreements


RE Sources and Technologies

Where feasible, we recommend Renewable Energy (RE) sources, and integrate RE technologies into our turnkey solutions. RE offers the following advantages:

Cost savings in the long term

Steady and stable energy supply

Improved company image

Environmental protection

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology is one of the energy sources we typically recommend. The cost of Solar PV systems has significantly gone down in recent times, making the technology more viable for commercial and industrial use. Cost savings from using Solar PV systems can be tremendous, given the free and abundant source of energy.

Other potential RE sources are biomass, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal power.


Regional Power Sources

Part of TREES’ expertise is identifying the most viable power source in the locality where the business operates. With our extensive network, we can identify the most reliable power sources even in remote locations that are not easily reached by the grid.

Certain places in the Philippines have RE technology in place, such as wind power plants in Ilocos Norte and hydroelectric plants in parts of Mindanao and the Mountain Province. We evaluate the benefits that may be realized from utilizing these energy sources, and implement them in our energy savings projects to achieve the best-possible results.


Industry Needs

TREES also recognize that different industries have different energy needs. Our Energy Supply Management services look into the energy landscape of every industry, including seasonal or fluctuating requirements. We assess the dynamics that factor into each industry and formulate a customized strategy that would result in the most efficient energy supply.

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