Renewable Energy Consulting Services

Discuss Renewable Energy with TREES

Renewable energy (RE) is seen as a key solution to the world’s dependence on fossil fuels, which endangers the environment in many ways. The Philippine government has joined the worldwide movement to promote the development and use of renewable energy through incentives given to investors, developers and producers of RE technology. Even as government incentives for end users have yet to be introduced, the benefits of using renewable energy are substantial.

Our experts at TREES offer Renewable Energy Consulting to help you identify renewable energy programs that match your needs, preferences and goals. It is our mission to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, while generating substantial energy cost savings and ROI for our clients.

When you work with our renewable energy consultants, you are guaranteed the following:

Experience and Expertise

Technology Transfer


Renewable Energy Technologies

Here are some of the renewable energy technologies we typically recommend:

Onsite cogeneration

Waste heat recovery


Water recycling


Rainwater harvesting


Solar PV